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Fun in the sun

Today was all kinds of fun. With hubby gone out of town and the kids upset over it I figured it was time to get out and have some fun with friends. So out we went!


Between watching geese, muskrats, and catching minnows (all were released) the kids spent most of their time down by the lake.




A wonderful day filled with wonderful friends and conversation. This was very much needed after the last few busy weeks and hard first week of daddy gone to work out of town again.

Things turning around

This weekend was busy for us moving; our new tenant in, decluttering more of the storage and house, and getting hubby ready to go to work out of town. Now that the majority of the madness is over and done with I decided to try and take it easy today. Tonight I still need to clean and declutter the kitchen and make room for all our tenants stuff.

Hubby is officially heading out of town on thursday and it is a huge relief. The company he’s gonna be working for has been around for a long time and is known to treat its employees very well. This will be much needed change considering what the last company put him through.

Kids are still working away with their lawn maintenance business and making good money. Even got their first referral this week!

Me well I’ve be busy as usual running like a chicken with my head cut off not that I’d want it any other way!

Looks like breaks over so back to work I go supper is needing to be cooked and this mountain of laundry on the couch won’t fold itself so I’m told.

New tenant

It was a very busy weekend in our house filled with meeting our new tenant, playing in the back with the dogs, shopping and a yummy surf and turf supper for Father’s Day. Hubby got spoiled by the kids and did awesome considering the tight budget of 60 bucks they were given.

Our new tenant will be moving in as soon as I get the spare room cleared out so with a little luck this coming weekend! She is a fun girl who seems to be full of energy and best of all loves our zoo! The fact that the madhouse didn’t scare her away speaks volumes to us!

Looking forward to having another female in the house!


So my poor blog has been put on the back burner over the last few months. Mostly due to the fact that someone I considered a good friend, as well as business partner hurt me more than words could say. With help from my family and some true friends I branched out on my own.

We made some changes to out renovation plans to give me a studio to teach out of. With a lot of blood, sweat, and tears as well as amazing help from family and friends we got it done in time for the open house May 5th.

The open house was lots of fun, filled with great people, fantastic food, and awesome conversation. We had lots of great response and I’m really looking forward to mid Aug when we’re back in full swing!

Beyond The Arts is my new business website and is in full swing. I’m looking forward to sending out our first newsletter in July!

With all the temps complete and life starting to regulate itself again, I’m hoping to spend more time keeping everyone up to date!

Thanks to those who have stuck around to hear about my life of kids, coffee, and dreams!

Fighting my way through life!

So now that I’m mostly recovered and doing much better health wise I’ve started to look at some of the things that got me to this point. After a LONG talk with a couple dear friends I’ve come to a few conclusions. My next few blogs will be on what I have discovered, and probably get really personal. So here’s a true look into my life as I better myself.

First thing that was pointed out to me (yes I’m that far gone someone actually had to remind me of this) I’m a fighter. Now a fighter for friends family and people around me that’s easy. Fighting for myself what I believe and my self worth, well that’s not something I’ve fought for in a LONG time!

One person reminded me of the fact that I fought for myself almost 13 yrs ago. Got off the drugs I was addicted to, straightened out my life, and focused on making something out of myself that my now husband and children would be proud of. In a few weeks I celebrate 13 yrs drug free. That is a HUGE accomplishment and I tell ya one of the hardest fights for me in my entire life (at age 18).

I’ve also fought for myself when it comes to my education, knowledge, and business sense. I fought though course after course when I had 2 babies running around the house giving me the knowledge needed to become an accountant (by age 21).

I fought through course after course to learn how to do web design, computer programming, and building computers from the ground up (ok these skill are outdated with nowadays technology, but I’m working on that) (by age 21).

I fought and worked my butt off to become a classical pianist, trained both by ear and standard teaching (by age 14).

I fought to become and artist classically trained in all fine art mediums (by age 15).

I fought to learn everything I could from whoever would teach me construction and even though I might not have the licensing to do it could build a house from the ground up (by age 17).

I fought and fought and fought to get my life license qualification license and still after 4 yrs hold the record for doing it in less than a week.(age 26).

I fought and worked my butt off to have multiple home businesses while managing them, a home, a marriage,and homeschooling my children. (Still doing it today at 31)

I’m sure there’s alot more I have fought for in my life, but those are the ones that come to me quick.

The main problem is I’ve put my wants/needs/self on the back burner for the last few years. I’m always more concerned about what others will think or feel by my actions then what I think or feel about myself. I know I need to stop. Not only for me, but for my family. So here comes another round of fighting. The fight for me, The fight to find me again, The fight to stop being a doormat and focusing on others 24/7, The fight to Love myself again.

I know this isn’t going to be easy, and quite possibly I’ll lose some friendships because of it, but as of this moment the doormat is rolled up. Find someone else to rub your dirty boots on.